06 Juin – axe Sociologie(s) de l'international | workshop

14 h site Sciences Po Bordeaux, salle B228

jeudi 6 juin 2019 /// axe Sociologie(s) de l'international | workshop

axe Sociologie(s) de l'international | Workshop

Programme POWERS (Jean Monnet Erasmus+)

Global and local wars on crime and terror: the development and circulation of international, regional and national schemes in Europe and beyond 

10.30 |  Welcome and introduction
11.00 -12.45  | Governing insecurities in Europe
Chair: Catherine HOEFFLER, Centre Émile Durkheim

Legislating on terrorism in France: how writing law securitizes nationality, Sarah PERRET, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
The bureaucratisation of terrorism, J. Peter BURGESS, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
Discussant: Alina SURUBARU, Centre Émile Durkheim

Lunch Break

14.00-15:45 | Multi-scaled wars on crime and terror
Chair: Caroline DUFY, Centre Émile Durkheim

Making terrorism pay – Chasing ghosts as a business model, Reinhard KREISSL, Vienna Centre for Societal Security
Counter-radicalisation and countering violent extremism in the Western Balkans and South Caucasus, Ervjola SELENICA, University of Sussex
Crime Governance from Regional Perspectives: Localising Rationalities of Control and Order, Alessandra RUSSO, Sciences Po Bordeaux
Discussant: Gilles BERTRAND, Centre Émile Durkheim

Coffee Break

16:00-17:45 | Brainstorming session
19.30 | Workshop Dinner


site Sciences Po Bordeaux, salle B.228, 10.30-17.45
axe sociologies de l'international 6 juin

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