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The Émile Durkheim Centre for Comparative Political Sciences and Sociology (JRU 5116, CNRS, Sciences Po Bordeaux, University of Bordeaux) is named after the proponent of the comparative method in social sciences.

Since its inception, the Émile Durkheim Centre (CED) has occupied a unique position in the scientific landscape through its work to develop and systematise the comparative approach in political science and sociology. Our research is focused on studying one or several phenomena in multi-sited, diversified and contrasted fields in order to test or enhance general hypotheses. The work carried out by CED members also provides the opportunity to address questions on the connections, effects of scale and overlaps that occur between the cases studied. Lastly, the work attempts to understand the multiple translations and hybridisations resulting from transnational dynamics.

How our research is organised:

On this basis, the CED’s work is structured around five Research Streams:

  • Identifications
  • Legitimacies, Organisations, Representations (LOR)
  • Vulnerabilities, Inequalities, Pathways (VIP)
  • Knowledge: Sciences, Environment, Health
  • International Sociologies

The cross-cutting nature of the comparative approach is provided through a General Seminar, a Doctoral Seminar and seven Workshops: Methods; Social Science Writing; Gender; Economic Rules, Norms and Practices; Taking a Position!; Urban Forum; Media and Visual Methods

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