The Identifications stream brings together researchers who want to understand how individuals react to major contemporary transformations and what resources they mobilise to acquire the ability to act on these changes and feel that they are managing them. Identifications, by the actors themselves or by others, are addressed as both resources and constraints. The approach to social and political issues here is decidedly bottom-up and empirically informed.

This stream is not programmatic, although projects involving programmatic research are welcome. Most importantly, this stream offers us a platform for the regular exchange of information and reflection thanks to the Research News Seminar, at which we invite colleagues from Bordeaux and elsewhere to present and discuss their work each month.

You can view the programme for the current year here.

The stream is also particularly interested in the question of scientific outreach – in other words, the dissemination, beyond the university, of the objectives, methods and results of the social sciences. See in particular the study days organised in 2018 on the subject.

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Updated on 30/04/2021